MONEY Do you need Some? Would you like to go into business without spending any money, no items to sell, no overhead cost, just help us. HERE is an easy way; We Get Testimonials for Mayco Zappers but we are not a store and have no salesmen. Our Marketing plan is giving by our Church; but so many happy users have come back and asked if they could get a discount if they could get a Zapper for a brother, sister, cousin, or friend. So Msgr. May decided to turn this into a Marketing plan to help you! Our Church makes about $40 from each Zapper, so we can discount one by $15.00. So we do all the work but you can make almost one-half the profit! We need to advertise, but our best advertising is done by our Bio- Zappers. IT CAN BE SO SIMPLE FOR YOU! 1. Just tell your family members and friends how you like the Mayco Bio-Zapper after you are using it! 2. Refer them to check our websites and blog or (my alternative blog} All of the above use PayPal for Ordering… Just tell everyone that there is a place on that PayPal Order page to enter any message; so just have them write “Referred by” plus your name; In about ten days for processing, you will have just made $15.00; we will send to you! Refer as many as you like! -There s no time limit!
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